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1.0. Hints for the trainer

1.0. Hints for the trainer


As a trainer in brickwork construction, you need to know the dimensions of the most common bricks and the joint widths.

A NF stone (according to German standardizations) has the following dimensions: 

NF stone

The bearing joint is 1.23 cm thick, the lateral joint between the stones is 1.0 cm. 

This means that Sven requires 8 stones per meter wall length in each layer [100 cm / (11.5 cm + 1 cm)]. Per meter wall height he needs 12 layers [(100 cm / (7,1 cm + 1.23 cm)]. On top of that there is a rolling layer. For this purpose 12 stones are needed per meter length [(100 cm / (7,1 cm + 1.23 cm)].


Dimensions of artificial stones

Get more information: Brickwork dimensions (Germany).

Please note: Find out the different stone dimensions in your country. The measurements can differ very strongly from the German measurements. They are individually standardized in every EU country.