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1.2. The wall

1.2. The wall

Sven shows the plan
First I'll show you the construction site and the plan of my masonry.

My trainer has suggested that I should practice how to build a roll layer on top. This layer is not really important for the PMBC course, but I think I can learn something extra from it, don't I?

In the ground plan you can see a wall corner, one side is 1,74 meters long, the other is 0,99 meters. 

My trainer told me, that the wall should be 24 cm thick with a height of 0,75 meters. In addition, there is the 12.5 cm high roll layer. I'm supposed to use NF stones (240 × 115 × 71).

Check the sketches below, please (ground plan, frontview, isometry).

Planned masonry

The masonry

Sven is thinking about the stones

Wow, there are quite a few stones to handle. Can you estimate how many it will be?

How many stones will Sven need for the wall corner?


Try to estimate the right number of stones, please.


less than 100 stones

100 - 200 stones

200 - 300 stones

more than 300 stones