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2.0. Hints for the trainer

2.0 Hint for the trainer

1. You should be able to show all the tools and explain their application.

In addition, different stones should be available to illustrate the differences in the formats and the material. Also a short presentation (for example with Powerpoint) can be useful.

2. You should also have the following printouts ready:

  • Calculation of the material requirement (see attached file)
  • The ground plan
  • (Is successively supplemented)
  • ...
  • ...

3. The calculation of the mortar requirement must include:

  • The mixing ratio for different mortar mixes
  • The so-called mixing-in factor
  • The bulk densities of sand and binder

4. It could be useful to demonstrate the relationship between dry mix and finished mortar practically.

5. You must be aware of the so-called dimensional order in building construction. This is dependent on national standardization. A distinction is made between the following: external dimension, mounting dimension, opening dimension. Get involved with these rules! Example (in Germany):

Measurement rules

Measurement rules