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2.1. Tools

2.1. The tools

Selection of the tools

Before I start, I have to put together my tools. And in such a way that I have everything at hand and does not have to burden me with superfluous stuff.

Do you help me with the selection?

Tools for masonry

Sven selects the following tools for the wall corner:

  • a trowel
  • a water level
  • a tube level
  • a hammer
  • a ruler
  • a straightedge
  • a build angle
  • a pencil
  • cord

Sven will mix the required quantity of mortar by hand. So he needs

  • a shovel
  • a mortar tub
  • a water bucket
  • a spatula

In addition to that Sven takes along some useful tools for the construction site

  • a pliers
  • a saw
  • a wheelbarrow
  • a few nails

Do you find the listed tools on the picture? What tools are missing in the picture?