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2.2. Brickwork

2.2. Brickwork

Arrangement of stones

As you probably know, brickwork is made of stones. To hold the stones, they must be connected to each other. There is the mortar for this.

The stones can be arranged in different ways. For an overwiew I´ve marked a few stones with coloured chalk. Can you already see how the brickwork bondings come about?

The best thing to do is to look at stonetypes into the "Information box".

The wall material


By the way, I have not told you anything about the stones with which I will build the wall. So, I'll wallow with lime stones. They are usually white.

Now I have to calculate how many stones have to be loaded onto the truck.

Would you be so kind to help me with the calculation? Please check the following list carefully.

As a reminder, you can also look at the work piece again.

Requirement of stones

How many stones must be loaded onto the truck?

Please consider a loss of 5% (fraction).

Sven must load       stones onto the truck

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Requirement of mortar

Sven calculated the requirement of mortar, too (loss: 5%).

He comes to the following result, including the roll layer:

  1. (1,74 m + 0,75 m) • 0,875 m = 2,19 m²
  2. 2,19 m² • 64 ltr/m² • 1,05 = 147,17 ==> 150 liters.

Sven will mix the mortar by hand. For this purpose, he must take the following data into account:

Mortar material

  • The mixing ratio is: 4 parts of sand, 1 part of cement
  • The so called mixing-in factor is about 1,4. That means: Sven needs about (1.4 • 150 liters = 210 liters) of dry mix for the production of 150 liters of ready-mixed mortar.
    For a mixing ratio of 1 to 4, he therefore needs (210 • 4/5 =) 168 liters of sand and (210 • 1/5 =) 42 liters of cement.
  • The density of sand is about 1,8 kg/ltr. Sven needs(168 ltr • 1,8 kg/ltr =) 302,40 ==> 310 kg of sand.
  • The density of cement is about 1,6 kg/ltr. Sven needs (42 ltr • 1,6 kg/ltr =) 65,60 ==>  75 kg of cement (3 bags of 25 kg each)

A water line is available on site. .

Okay, let´s go to the building site now!