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2.3. Health and safety

2.3. Health and safety

Of course Sven must also think about safe working. First of all,he wears  suitable work clothes. 

Suitable work clothes

Safety shoes

Sven knows, that handling stones and mortar is not entirely harmless. The stones are heavy and can fall on his foot. He therefore uses class S3 safety shoes, which have a puncture-resistant sole and a steel protective cap for the toes.

Safety shoe

1 Eyelets, hooks or triangles
2 Ankle protectors with padding
3 Buttstock (Quartier)

4 Reinforcement in the heel area (back cap)
5 Quarter lining
6 Puncture-proof inlay, steel or Kevlar
7 Cushioning heel
8 Articulated inlay
9 Articular region
10 Outer sole with profile
11 Leaf lining
12 Toecap, steel or Kevlar
13 Soft edge covering of the toecap
14 Front stock
15 Strap

Safety helmet

Of course Sven also has a safety helmet. However, he does not need it here, as the wall is only 75 cm high.

Safety helmet

1 Soft leather sweatband
2 Polycarbonate helmet body
3 Textile six-point suspension
4 Size adjustment
Side ventilation openings
6 Protective shield

Protective goggles

The mortar is highly alkaline and can corrode the eyes and damage the skin.

Sven therefore tries to avoid mortar splashes when mixing. In all cases, however, he has protective goggles and gloves with him.

Protective goggles and gloves

Skin protection

Sven can't build walls with gloves and goggles.

He is therefore careful when applying the mortar.

Before work, he applies a skin protection ointment to his hands. After the walling he cleans and dries his hands thoroughly and creams them with a care ointment.

Skin protective ointment

When which skin protection agent?

  • A water-repellent skin protection agent is required for water-miscible working materials (e.g. when handling mortar, when working in damp and wet areas, etc.).
  • For non-water miscible working materials (e.g. work with solvent-based paints, resins, oils etc.) oil- and grease-repellent skin protection agents are required.
  • When working under natural or technical UV radiation exposure, protective ointments with sufficient sun protection factor must be used.