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4.4. First row

4.4. First row

First row

The first row is the most important!

Can you imagine why spontaneously?

Sure, the ground is never quite even, so in the first row we must pay particular attention to the horizontal alignment. As you know already, the layer height can only be measured at one corner, all other stones are then aligned. Logo, otherwise the wall would also be oblique.

Setting the first row

The first step is to set the corner stone at which the heights are measured.

First cornerstone

This stone must be aligned carefully with the water level. The height (8,33 cm) must be strictly adhered to.

Alignment of cornerstone

Then all the other corner stones are placed and aligned after the first corner stone.

The other cornerstones

When all the corner stones are fixed, we check again all the measurements.

Control of dimensions

Well, let's go! We tension the cord and align all the stones with the cord.

First row

The first row is growing gradually. The short side is already finished.

First row grows

So far it has been very good. Now the last stone of the row is bricked.

Last stone of first row

Sven and Peter have carefully and dimensionally built, the last stone of the long side of the wall fits exactly.

Now the first row is finished. And it looks rather good.

First row finished