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4.6. Next rows

4.6. Next rows

Oh look, it works. We have done the first row fine, everything fits.

Now let's go to the second row. This actually works just like with the first layer. That means:

- Cornerstone, on which the height is measured - other cornerstones - height transmission with water level and straight edge - tension the cord - setting the stones.

We just have to make sure that the wall will stay perpendicular, so that the stones are exactly one above the other. Otherwise it's crooked and pucky. The water scale is once again a good aid

Setting and aligning the corner stone

Next row

Setting and aligning of the other corner stones

Next row

Tension the cord and setting of the other stones

Next row

Can you already see how the stones are offset and how the bond is formed?

Next row

And so it goes on, row by row.

Sixth row

And then the wall is almost finished. I think it looks rather good... 

By the way, do you recognize the cross bond in the front view? I´ve marked it with blue chalk.

Now all that's missing is the roll layer.

Nearly finished

..Oh, I'm just seeing that our trainer has already set the cornerstones for the roll layer.

He must have done it on our break. Cool!