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4.7. Roll layer

4.7. Roll layer

A roll layer is provided as a cover for the wall. Our trainer told us, that we must work it out very carefully because the surface ususlly remains visible.

Thinking about the roll layer

We have never build a roll layer before. I wonder if we're gonna be able to make it  We will try and do our best, don´t we, Peter?

First of all, we precisely mark the dimensions of the bricks and joints of the roll layer. We wall with NF bricks, the layer height is 7,1 cm + 1,23 cm = 8.33 cm.

Marking the layers

Our trainer explained to us that the layer dimensions only fit when the intermediate dimensions correspond to the wall dimensions. If this is not the case, the joint widths must be recalculated. Or a single DF block must be installed. You should ask your trainer how this works.

Wow, it´s not so easy! The stone must be held at an angle during application so that the mortar does not slip off. We're gonna have to practice a little bit more.

Setting the stones of the roll layer

But look at this. With a little practice, things are going pretty well.

Building the roll layer

Oh, the last piece of the rolling course doesn't exactly fit. Too bad. But for the first time, we did quite well. Next time, we know that we need to work even more precisely. But it's enough for today.

Last stone of the roll layer