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6. Assessing

6. Assessing

Sven and Peter have finished the wall corner together. Did you like her work so far?

Then try to build a simular work piece as well.

Please look at the following sketch and check your workpiece according to the listed criteria:


Criteria for controlling:

  • dimensional stability (length, width, height)
  • squareness
  • horizontal alignment (of each row and at the top)
  • vertical alignment (at the frontsides)
  • uniformity of the joints
  • spent time
  • Order and cleanliness of the workplace and the tools
  • ........ (find out more criteria)

Find out the basics in the Information box


Okay, that's it for today. Maybe you'll look at another WinApp learning module. In any case, Peter and I hope you enjoy learning and working. See you around!