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Masonry gauges

Masonry gauges

The masonry gauges can make the work easier for bricklayers .

Installing wall gauges

First, the footplate for the masonry gauges must be nailed to the ground. Then the corner post were nailed with stitching nails.

Aligning the gauges

With the pegs, the post remains stationary and can be oriented exactly perpendicular.

One meter

Now fhe height of one meter is measured only on one wall corner and marked on the corner post.

Transferring the height

With the tube level, the so-called meter mark is then transferred to the other corner posts and marked.

Layer markings

From the meter marks at the corner posts, the individual layer heights are then marked from top to bottom. This results in horizontal layers.

But note: the bearing joint of the first layer may possibly be of different thickness.

By the way, do you know the reasons for this procedure?

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