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The Start of a New Project

WinAPP is abbreviation for Work process oriented, interactively enhanced and APP supported learning and training in construction VET in Europe. The project started in October 2016.and will end in September 2018.

Work process orientation VET

Work process orientation is one of the key factors in construction VET, which among others decides upon the success of an individual in the labour market. The better entire (holistic) work processes are understood by skilled workers, the better worker and company fit together. The degree of work process orientation (or action orientation) as a pedagogic-didactic method in the initial vocational education and training (VET) on secondary level varies in a massive way in Europe.


Expected intellectual outputs

What are the expected intellectual outputs and other benefits of the project?

Four intellectual outputs are expected:

  • a survey about work process orientation in Europe
  •  APP content: development of digital media based work process orientation in VET
  •  design and applying a testing structure
  • including activities which should lead to an effective feed back with target groups to have the best possible output at the end of the project.

Nevertheless, we expect some more general results, inter alia (among others):

  • extending the digital media competence of all involved VET centre partners
  • job enrichment for the involved staff (VET-trainers) of the project partners
  • increased management skills of the involved partners
  • increasing the attractiveness of the branch
  • increasing the attractiveness of VET-centres related to companies and apprentices.

More information

For more information please contact
Bildungszentren des Baugewerbes (BZB) Krefeld (lead partner)
Project Manager and contact:
Mr. Frank Bertelmann-Angenendt

Let´s start

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